The Zen of a Knackered Bus pt2

26 Jan 07 

It’s not easy getting out of the old mindset. I was never a particularly rushy person, but this morning, when the bus driver decided to get off the bus for five minutes for no apparent reason, I found myself starting to get annoyed. “What have you got off for?” I found myself thinking. As well as, “Come on, you’re making us late!”

And then I stopped.

Calmed my thoughts.

Sat back.

And waited.

The bus driver was having some idle time (I presume). Which meant I could have five minutes of idle time. Which meant, on account of the fact that I would get into work five minutes late, that my working day would be five minutes shorter. No one would lose out. We would only gain. The universe – the God of Idleness – had thrown me a gift… a precious gift… of five extra minutes of time, where I had to do nothing but sit and be.

Thank you, bus driver!


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