Slow Efficiency

17 May 07

Do not read this quickly…

* * *

There is efficiency.

And there is slowness.

They would seem to be on opposite sides of the fence.

But think…

With slowness, one has time to ingest.

To observe.

To take in, to analyse, to contemplate one’s surroundings.

Life is a book…

A complex book.

Read it slow.

Do not skim-read the Book of Life!

Drink in, taste, devour…

Every word, every letter, every sentence, every paragraph.

Be slowly efficient.



2 comments on “Slow Efficiency

  1. Taeguk says:


    Excellent advice! 🙂

    I think your point about the relationship between efficiency and speed is well-taken, too! Instantaneity isn’t necessarily efficient.

    I also think in some ways the speed at which technology operates has made us have less leisure time! Because we expect work to be completed in such a quick manner, we consequently assign more work.

  2. Peps says:


    In fact, I think it’s about time I put a link for on my Blogroll…


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