1 Jun 07

Where I sit, in my place of work, there are, when the office is replete, six people in and around my field of vision – two more just on the periphery. I have my back, thankfully, to a set of shelves, so there is no one who is in a position to observe, at length, if they so wished, the back of my head or the folded portion of the collar of my shirt. This gives me a minute degree of comfort, which is somewhat offset by the fact that, on occasions more frequently than I would prefer, a person or persons may pass by the stern of me, often with a waft of cool air, in order to get somewhere else or to seek an item on the aforementioned shelves.

On a good day, I can mentally enclose myself within a Bubble of Anonymity, occasionally emerging, of my own choice, to utter a witty quip or a pithy observation, by way of contribution to a discussion about films, computer games or food. This provides a mild degree of distraction and light amusement, which are necessary to break the tedium of the day. When the tedium is tedious beyond tolerability, however, I desire nothing less than to wrap that Bubble of Anonymity tightly around myself, pull up a Cloak of Imperceptibility and become totally unnoticed, undisturbed and un-commented upon by all of those around me.

Oh how, at those times, I desire the wondrous power of invisibility! I wish not to be looked at or to look upon; nor to speak or be spoken to. I wish to escape into a world of wistful rumination, philosophical ponderances and reflections upon the nature and meaning of all existence. I wish not to be seen, heard or even considered in another’s thoughts, least of all disturbed by way of the issuance of a query or – horror of horrors! – the presenting of additional tedious tasks to add to the already Himalayan pile of tedious tasks which sits like a huffing brontosaurus before me.

A “huffing brontosaurus”? What a delightful metaphor! Well that has cheered my soul… bring on the tedious tasks! 😉


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