Pregnant Lady Chained to a Bed

19 Jun 07

We love to see a woman in peril. Let me re-phrase that… We love a story wherein a lady finds herself in a perilous situation. We love to urge her to find a means of escape, but we don’t want that means to be too easy. We want her to teeter over the brim of a pit of destruction. We want her to experience torment and pain, but not so much that she would have no hope of recovery. We want her to venture close to madness, but somehow find the strength of will to garner all her mental and physical resources, in order to finally, eventually, by some cunning/exciting/spectacular means, extricate herself from the devilish snare in which she finds herself. In the year 2007, we want her to find her own means of escape, and not be rescued by a golden-haired, bright-eyed hero, who whisks her away from the jaws of death at the very last minute. Today’s woman-in-peril is not a victim. She feels suffering, anguish and touches of despair, but ultimately she is strong and ingenious and requires no mere man to disentangle her from her predicaments. She is, for example…

Dawn from Eastenders; an uncomplicated busty barmaid from Walford, who fell in love/lust with Rob, a married man, whose doctor-wife, May, desperately wanted a baby, but couldn’t have one of her own, so when Rob got Dawn pregnant, she decided that, rather than go off the rails, she would offer to pay Dawn a substantial wodge of cash for her baby, which she and Rob would then raise, which Dawn originally went along with, but then Dawn and Rob decided they wanted to be together, so Rob left May, with the (apparent) intention of shacking up with Dawn, upon which they would get married and raise their child, but, far from everyone then living happily ever after, May became more and more obsessed with the “fact” that the baby was hers (she had, after all, paid a substantial wodge of cash for it), took to popping pills and set about ruining Rob’s life/reputation by accusing him of being a wife-batterer, which Rob barely escaped being prosecuted for, shortly after which May seemed to capitulate, calm down and offer Rob the divorce he wanted, which Rob accepted, but, as so often happens in these cases, the arrival of the decree nisi caused Rob and May to consider everything they were giving up, which rejuvenated their feelings for each other, which inevitably led to them falling into bed, which, for a very short while, did not come to Dawn’s notice, but when May let the cat out of the bag, during which time Rob was beginning to think that the now heavily pregnant Dawn was becoming a bit of a nag, this inevitably further exacerbated Dawn and Rob’s problems, which, after an initial burst of anger/denial, led to Rob and May rejuvenating further old feelings, upon which May was somehow able to convince Rob that he should kidnap Dawn (on the ruse of “taking her away for a new life together”), take her to a large house in the middle of nowhere, where evil-psycho-doctor-wife, May, was waiting to “welcome” Dawn into the house, chain her to a bed in the spare room, deliver her baby, upon which May and Rob and the baby would disappear, then, when they were far enough away, make an anonymous call to Dawn’s family, who would come and collect her, while May and Rob and the baby “started their new life together as a family.” But… Dawn escaped! And, after whacking Rob over the head with a lamp, she waddled (being on the verge of giving birth) to May’s car, got in, locked the doors, fumbled with the key in the ignition, eventually started the car and sped off down the road, while May scream after her, “I want my baby! I want my baby! I want my baby!”

Soaps, eh?

Not that I’m into them or anything.



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