The Zen of a Knackered Bus pt3

(aka “The Zen of Two Cancelled Trains”)

25 Jun 07

Since writing the first Zen”, I have moved house, and then moved house again. I have said a little about this in my previous entry, so I won’t bore you with, and tire my fingers with the effort of typing, the details. Suffice it to say that, after three months of grimy urbanity, we now live in a delightful little rural idyll, where painfully cute baby bunnies bounce around the environs, situated about four miles from where I think Robert Plant lives (look up “Jennings Farm, Kidderminster,” to see what I’m on about).

The reason this is another “Zen” entry is because I now have to catch a train to get to work. My first week of trainery went with only the most minor of hiccups, but this morning the train I was due to catch and the next one were cancelled, due, apparently, to the recent excess of drizzle. As the first announcement was made (via a schoolboy on his mobile phone), and then the next one (via possibly the same source, but I can’t be sure), there were people around me getting – as is the norm – annoyed. One, of course, cannot blame them, being busy and important folk who had places to be and all that, and I found myself being tempted to paddle in the same Pond of Annoyance as my fellow travellers. But then, as I noted the behaviour of the schoolchildren around me, the temptation dissipated, as I was impressed by the laissez faire approach that was in far greater evidence amongst these philosophically-minded youths than in their “responsible” and “serious” adult counterparts.

“If the train’s not here by half past nine, I’m going home,” said one.

The others, if they seemed concerned in the slightest at the impending lateness of their arrival at school, tempered and indeed over-compensated for such with an evident pleasure at having a little more free time to stand around and gossip idly with their mates…

…while the adults got wound up and moaned about the awfulness of public transport.

Perhaps the kids should have been more eager to get to school…

…but I’m more inclined to think we should take a leaf out of their book.

(I only got into work twenty minutes late in the end, anyway…!)



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