It’s Hard to be a Flâneur…

4 Jul 07

Sometimes I just want to get somewhere. Yes, I know, I’m supposed to be a Flâneur, who just ambles slowly from A to B, stopping off at F, H and P along the way, smiling, nodding, uttering pleasantries to strangers, taking in the ambience, drifting through the streets as I drift through life, carefree, un-bothered and undeterred. But dammit, nobody’s perfect! It has to be said, I do pass most of my lunchtimes in the aforementioned manner – but just occasionally, when one has a certain amount to do and a limited time in which to do it (get money out of bank, buy such-and-such, renew one’s weekly train pass…), one does not want to be bothered with Big Issue sellers, people with clipboards, teenagers so engrossed with texting their mates who are probably standing right next to them and pairs of meandering drunks in narrow passageways… I ask you! It’s no wonder I moved out of the city!

And… breathe…




2 comments on “It’s Hard to be a Flâneur…

  1. The Imugi says:

    Even wanderers like us get fed up with the hustle and bustle of life around us—maybe it’s because the character of all these people is anything *but* idling? I feel like so many of them have somewhere to be, somewhere to go, and get so caught up in the going that everything becomes a blur…sometimes its hard to stop this mentality from rubbing off on me, and I get irritated sometimes as result.

  2. Peps says:

    When one *does* have somewhere to be, the lack of focus of one’s fellow pedestrians can irritate something rotten. But when one endeavours to indulge in unfocused Flânerie, the intense, blinkered focus of others can seem like utter madness. I never said I was consistent! 🙂

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