9 Jul 07

Is it me or do we complain more, these days, upon emerging from a viewing of the latest bullet-soaked, vest-wearing, yip-e-kay-ay-motherf***ing Bruce Willis flick/dark, intense, grittily urban interpretation of the superhero genre/cheeky, light-hearted, almost slapstick, not-quite-romantic Owen Wilson comedy, that it was “too long”?

It was great, yeah, really exciting, kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish… but…
Well it did go on a bit.

How long was it?

Over two hours!

Excuse me? Over two hours? You call that long? In my day you’d feel short-changed if a film was anything less than two hours!

Cecil B. DeMille would be turning in his grave…



2 comments on “Length

  1. The Imugi says:

    I guess many of us have shorter attention spans…possibly a result of not wanting to stay “idle”, I wonder?

    At least we can count on Hindi cinema for a looong movie. Bollywood films can last up to four hours! 😀

  2. Peps says:

    I must just add that, only today, a colleague of mine, upon having recently viewed Spiderman 3, opined that…

    “It was good… but it was a bit long… it went on a bit too much”

    I haven’t personally seen Spiderman 3, but…


    As you say, Imugi… attention spans! Short! I was, however, ironically amused to notice that my piece on this topic was one of my shorter pieces… 😉

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