30 Jul 07

 I yearn for great fathomless mystery… for endless vistas of the unknown. I want to look outside the windows of my life and see uncharted landscapes stretching untold distances beyond. I want to believe in unicorns and faeries and gods and goddesses, and that anything I am told in a story might be true. I want to know that there are places where I could travel for hundreds of miles in any direction and find novelty and magic and little or no sign of the dirty kiss of twenty-first century mankind. I want to believe in The Great Beyond… that Humanity could never know more than a fraction of what there is to know. I want to see unimaginable, breathtaking, soul-stirring, uncategorisable, indescribable, unquantifiable, undeconstructable beauty. I want to be awed. I want to be fascinated. I want to be mystified.

= = = = = = = = = =

After writing the above, on the way to work, through the medium of draft texts on my mobile, whilst traversing the footpath which cuts through fields of corn and lush paddocks, then while on the train which transports me from this quintessentially English rural idyll in which I presently find myself being fortunate enough to reside to the concrete and Plexiglas labyrinth where I “earn my crust,” I spotted, by the side of the road part-way between the train station and the office, a small white van, with a logo on its side advertising that it belonged to some kind of interior décor business or the like. Near this logo was a phrase, a quote, which seemed a little innocuous and out of place, not to say totally out of context with its surroundings, amongst which I include the van itself. The quote was…

The unicorn and I are one

.. What did this have to do with an interior décor business? – I thought. It appeared that there was a synchronicity occurring here… a message from the Universe! And as such, upon the arrival at my desk and the switching on of my computer, I went on the Internet and did a little search for this phrase. I discovered that it was the first line of the following thirteenth century poem by Thibaut, which refers to the myth that a virgin can “tame” a unicorn, upon which it can then be killed…


The unicorn and I are one:

He also pauses in amaze

Before some maiden’s magic gaze,

And while he wonders, is undone.

On some dear breast he slumbers deep

And Treason slays him in that sleep.

Just so have ended my Life’s days;

So Love and my Lady lay me low.

My heart will not survive this blow.


… It seems to me that this poem describes a scene in which a virgin (a “maiden”), whilst taming a unicorn, becomes herself tamed… and, as the unicorn is slain, then so is she (by its beauty)… Very sad! But I’m not entirely sure what I make of the “message” the Universe is trying to tell me…


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