Tales of the Unplanned

[ 1 ]

30 Aug 07 / 120w…


Regurgitating peanuts, to feed the small, furry memories that will crawl on uncountable stunted legs towards the white plastic garden chair upon which I sit. Leaning over, ready to face the little grateful minions, trying to create small, neat, tidy piles, evenly spaced… Hoping for a democratic consumption of the offerings – an ordered, queuing, very British waiting-in-turn – but fearing little more than a red-in-tooth-and-claw scrabbling for the proffered morsels.

Waiting for the memories, but the memories never come (possibly hiding behind the trees until I have given up and gone inside) – and I am left with tidy little piles of regurgitated peanut sludge, which will harden and desiccate in the sun and finally blow away under a gentle breeze.




[ 2 ]

30 Aug 07 / 68w…


Crisps in the bin… unspoken desires… re-formed synaptic randomness. Pondering on the meaning, sparks reflecting off the corners of the “empty” bag – unseen, visible only by their echoes. Travelling to the greasy, crumb-strewn edges… anticipating a twist, inflation and a !pop! – explosion into entropy, but then as it settles, coagulates, a new “universe” is formed and it all begins again…


Salt & Vinegar?

Cheese & Onion?

Prawn Cocktail?




[ 3 ]

30 Aug 07 / 75w…


Behold the Golden Paperclip! 🙂


Bear witness to its divine, ethereal glow!

Feel the warmth of its sun-like radiance, which beats relentlessly upon your pale, soft human skin!

See the stapler sit in unmoving, rapturous awe!

See the single blue lidless biro point the way to its holy presence!

See the divine, ethereal, radiant, holy Golden Paperclip!

See another golden paperclip…!

And… erm… another (!)

And…… another?




Behold the Purple Pack of Post-Its! 🙂




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