Have a Nice Day!

11 Sep 07

Isn’t it just so typically Grumpy-Old-Man-ish of us Brits to get irritated, annoyed, wound up, even angry at this particular so-called “Americanism”? Shouldn’t we perhaps stop and think for a mo about why we allow ourselves to get irritated by such things? Perhaps it’s got something to do with the fact/perception that those who utter said phrase do so in a totally bland, empty, no-thought-for-its-actual-meaning way, whilst beaming effusively in a totally bland, empty, no-thought-for-its-actual-meaning way. However…

Wouldn’t it be more glass-is-half-full-ish of us to give folk the benefit of the doubt? Okay, so perhaps it’s true that most people who say “Have a nice day!” don’t actually do so with any intention to wish that our day is nice, but… given the hopeful possibility that perhaps some of the phrase’s utterers do utter the phrase with some degree of sincerity, wouldn’t the world be a better place if we at least pretended we thought they meant it?

“Have a nice day!”

“You have a nice day too, my friend! And may each and every day be filled with beautiful moments, such that your life is a chain of beautiful moments!”

That should stop ’em in their tracks! And if they didn’t mean what they supposedly meant, then wouldn’t such an overtly positive response incite some degree of consideration of what they meant, and thus perhaps encourage them to consider the meaning of what they are saying? I would say so!

So with utter sincerity and a considered consideration of the import of my words…

Have a nice day! 🙂



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