The Show Must Go On!

16 Oct 07

It’s funny that a theatrical epithet should so fittingly encapsulate one of the most deplorable aspects of the Vast Capitalist Machine. It is within these words that the notion of capitalism having a god, of the worship of money evoking religious allusions, is most clearly conveyed.

Nothing stops the pursuit of wealth.

The Cogs of Commerce must keep on turning.

And all that.

For example… in a contract of employment, there are specific rules as to what constitutes so-called “Compassionate” Leave (spot the oxymoron…). If a “close relative,” such as a parent or a spouse, pops their clogs, one is entitled to (don’t fall over at the unbounded generosity of it!) “up to three days” in which to grieve, bury said person and return enthusiastically to the coal-face.

Stiff upper lip.

Best foot forward.

And all that.

And then there’s the astoundingly respectful way in which we (our employers) choose to remember and honour the thousands who died in the tragic events of that fateful day of the eleventh of September, 2001… Two minutes silence… if you like… and let’s not be so crass as to send out said invitation by any means less innocuous than a company-wide email or an inter-office memo… I mean, we wouldn’t want to force our loyal, hard-working staff to think about their own mortality and any issues which may arise from such re the meaning of it all, or the symbolic manner in which the events of 9/11 highlighted the fragility of our materialistic endeavours, now would we? And in pressing on and pushing forward, we are demonstrating to the terrorist scum that we are above their malicious means of getting our attention and are not to be intimidated.

This is the British/American way.

It’s how we won the war.

And all that.

And don’t even get me started on how excited we all get at the prospect of so-called “Duvet Days”… What? Two or three days out of the year when we can ring in to work and pull an officially sanctioned sickie? What a joyous illicit pleasure! Give the workers a free lollipop or two and see them wallow in the interminable benevolence of The Corporation… (that’s not even to mention the fact that I have personally never worked in or known anyone who has worked in a company who sanctions the mythical “Duvet Days”)…


Who am I to question the myriad powerful forces which push/shove/coax the world forward to ever-increasing Greatness and Prosperity? Who am I to question the elevating of the God of Profit above all other things?

A mere tea-drinking idler, who possibly thinks too much and doesn’t spend nearly as much time as he would like in bed.

That’s who.

Ahh well…

Work to be done.

Onwards and upwards.

The show must go on.



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