29 Oct 07

This Thursday, the first of November, 2007, I shall commence the writing of my novel. I will bring it to completion on Friday, the thirtieth of November (also in the Year of Our Lord, 2007). I don’t know what this novel will be about. I don’t even have a title. I have not engaged in any kind of ante-scribular plottery, the construction of any character biogs or any amount of “research” pertaining to such. It is nevertheless my intention to commence said narrative and to write the fifty-thousandth word of such within the days of the ensuing month.

In the name of the God of Slackery and all His/Her idle minions, why?! – you may ask.

And well you may!

The reason for such is thus…


And if this renders you none the proverbial wiser, I implore you to click on the above link and thus be educated with some kind of explanation for this madness which I am subjecting myself to.

NaNoWriMo is not idle… It is not slack… There is no way one could say that writing an entire fifty-thousand-word novel between the first and the thirtieth of November will be easy. But it is my hope that it will be fun. And you know what? If it isn’t… if at some point in the month (the second day, the seventeenth day, or whatever), I decide that it isn’t doing it for me… I’ll give up.

I’m no masochist!

It’s something I fancy giving a try, though.

And I shall, of course – upon the completion of the novel, or when I get to the end of the month having completed only two percent of the novel, or when I get to the seventeenth day of the month having said “Ahh, bugger it” – be letting you, the readers of The Art of Tea, know how it all went.

It is therefore likely, during the month of November, that all of my writing energy will be devoted to the “novel” (or whatever it turns out to be)… so if I don’t add anything to this blog between now and Thursday…

Wish me luck! 🙂


2 comments on “50K

  1. Christopher says:

    Good luck I say. I bought No Plot No Problem, a book about writing this way. I have looked at it several times, even taken it down from the shelf.

    I started to write my golf story but made huge mistakes to introducing too many characters. I had dialog. I had an idea. But it sort of fizzled. But I would like to resurrect it. This time I shall do an outline. I did an outline for a commissioned article a couple of weeks ago. It really helped.

    I started not to like my golf characters so I’m glad I put it down for a while. My next piece of frivolity is writing about the weighty subject of toast, called rather surprisingly, On Toast.

    Dan, go for it and write your brains out. The IINDM will turn a blind eye to some clandestine hard work.

  2. pepsoid says:

    Thank you, Chris, for your kind and encouraging comments! 🙂

    I thought it was time I hereby confessed, however, that it is, for reasons I wish at present to keep out of the public domain, unlikely I will be completing my attempt at writing-a-fifty-thousand-word-novel-within-the-month-of-November-2007. The reasons are complex and personal, but let’s just say that, in part, my attempt (albeit very brief) at NaNoWriMo has reinforced for me (not for the first time, I hasten to add) that novel-writing just does not seem to be a thing that my personality is suited to…

    Amongst other things… the stress of a daily word count! 😦

    Anyway, the good news is that I therefore won’t be stepping back from the Art of Tea – to whit the following (being the piece which, by the nature of the format of this blog, will be shortly posted above, rather than what would perhaps be the more conventional “below”)…

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