Poppies of Tall Aspect

27 Nov 07

We worship our cultural icons, our so-called celebrities.

We nourish them, we feed their egos.

We give them a leg-up onto the pedestals which we have constructed for them out of gold and diamonds and our collective insecurities.

And then…

With swift and vicious swipes of axes which are constructed of the same materials as the aforementioned pedestals…

We hack mercilessly at their honed, tanned, exfoliated limbs.

We force their mutilated bodies into small glass boxes,

Into which we peer and glare and pride ourselves on our moral superiority.

We force them to undergo trials to prove their worthiness of our attention.

Roman emperors would be proud.

Lions are nothing to the razor-sharp teeth and gore-flecked claws of our disapproval.

We disembowel our kings and queens with our relentless commentary on their deviations from perfection.

And then we elect new kings and queens…

And the process begins again.


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