How One Thinks, Feels and the Cleansing of One’s Nether Regions

3 Dec 07

First of all, I beg your forgiveness on the raising of what may, at first appraisal, appear to be an unnecessarily vulgar topic for discussion. I concurrently, however, request your patience in allowing me to divulge the more poignant and philosophical relevance of this matter. To whit…

There are things which we (as human beings) do, which are, in their nature, entirely personal. Entirely personal. To the extent that it is utterly possibly, from a Cartesian philosophical viewpoint, that the manner in which we undertake said activity is utterly unique. How does another person think? How does another person feel? What is another person’s experience of pain, love, fear, lust, hatred, envy, desire, joy… and the cleansing of one’s nether regions? The latter, in theory, can be witnessed by another person, but generally speaking, in polite society, in probably more than 99% of cases, it is not. So regarding how, for example, I cleanse my nether regions, who’s to say I don’t do so in a manner that is unique amongst my species? It is not something we speak of (at least not in specific practical detail), and I do not intend go into my personal experience of such here… so how do we know we do not all have an utterly unique method (or methods) of cleansing our nether regions?

It’s a thought! And it is one which, you may be relieved to know, I will now bring to swift and conclusive end…



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