Post #101

11 Dec 07


It is a strange kind of irony that just after I posted my 100th blog entry, my lovely PlayStation 2 went kaput. It may seem to non-gamers that the latter is a relatively inconsequential event, but believe me when I say it has all sorts of tangential implications.

First of all, a small summary of the facts…

I am not very good at pinning down exact times and dates of things (take note, any officers of the law out there, if you ever decide to call me as a witness to some crime or other), but if my memory serves me correctly (and there is every chance that it doesn’t), I acquired my PS2 in August of 2004. Or it might have been 2003. But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t later. Let’s just say I’ve had it for about 3 years. It has served me well in this time. Around the time of its acquisition, naysayers declared that “the PS2 is prone to breaking down” and suchlike. Aside from the odd weird noise, the occasional rattle and the infrequent crashing of a game necessitating restarting of such, I have had exactly zero problems of any note. Except that I had to replace a controller once. Otherwise, this wonderful machine has given me nothing but pleasure.

May I also mention how little money I have spent on my gaming pursuits? Firstly, I won the console itself, via a competition through Blockbusters… and as to the games themselves, I nearly always buy second-hand, I always trade, I get a few as gifts, and I have acquired, especially in about the last 3 months, quite a few as a result of writing letters and reviews for the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine – said publication being, at £6/month, my primary source of gaming expenditure. Normally I prefer to have no more than about 2-3 games “on the go” at any particular time, but due to a combination of the above factors, I have, of late, acquired quite a substantial collection of items of gamery – about a dozen – which I am either playing or looking forward to the playing of.


I was!

Until my lovely PlayStation 2 went kaput!

This very morning!

When I attempted to have a few minutes of the delightful The Getaway (purchased a little while ago from a sale in Blockbusters for the meagre sum of £1) before work!

To whit… I put the disc in the machine and got that most horrible of messages…

disc read error

…which, quite frankly, made my blood run a little cold!

I did, however, take a few deep breaths and had a sip of tea, both in the effort to calm my palpitations, and proceeded to undertake what I hoped would be some rectifying measures… restarted the game… removed it from the machine, blew on it and replaced it… powered down the machine then powered it up again (a variation of the tried and tested switch it on and off again method)… tried a different game… tried a third… but…


All to no avail!

Oh what am I to do?!


I did try and forget about it for now, read my book, drink my tea, eat my Malties and convince myself that my PlayStation didn’t matter to me that much…

Who am I kidding?!

You may be starting to worry that I am a little obsessive, a little addicted, that I have “problems” (of a psychological nature) if I cannot live without my PS2. You may be right to worry. But on the other hand…

It is my Ultimate Stress Reliever! My Tool of Total Relaxation! My Means of Escaping Into a World Where Every Problem Has a Solution and No Disaster is Ever Totally Unrecoverable! It is…!! :-/

But hang on, let’s just step back a mo, take some more breaths, drink some more tea and consider the poignant irony of the timing of this event, as alluded to in the first paragraph hereabove…

The Art of Tea was commenced on the 26th of October 2006, which represented, at the time, something of a change of direction from the kind of writing I had been doing previously – that being mostly fiction: short, generally irreverent tales, of frequently nonsensical happenings, whose primary purpose was to induce chuckles amongst the readers thereof. I had, during this time, been making regular contributions to online discussion forums*, on topics ranging from… ooh, let me see… the nature of selfishness… idleology… immortality… Nigella Lawson… and so on and so forth. It has not, however, been until the commencement of The Art of Tea that I have had a semi-regular, semi-official outlet for my (mostly) non-fictional musings, ramblings and opinions on this, that and the other. I hope I don’t appear too blowy-trumpety when I say that I feel my non-fiction writing skills have improved significantly during the course of 100 posts… but perhaps more importantly, I have, on a more personal level, clarified, specified and other-things-ending-in-“ied” my philosophies, views and perceptions on the aforementioned this, that and the other. It has been a valuable process… but since the advent of post #50, I have wondered whether my writing, and my creative life in general, was due for another change of direction…

On a more recent parallel with the writing of my blog, I have also written a substantial number of letters and so on to the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine, through which I have acquired a substantial number of free PS2 games… and at the point where I have almost (almost!) got so many games, I don’t know what to do wiv ‘em…

…my PS2 goes kaput!

Do you see what I’m getting at here? Where the hitherto parallel-but-connected paths of writing/creativity and gaming are merging? Why I am perceiving “a strange kind of irony” at the timing of the kaput-ing of my Ultimate Stress Reliever/Tool of Total Relaxation/Means of Escaping Into a World Where Every Problem Has a Solution and No Disaster is Ever Totally Unrecoverable…?

I have felt the stirrings of a pending change of direction for my writing/creativity… and at the substantial milestone of 100 blog posts, I am “freed” (at least until I can get the PS2 fixed or afford to buy a new one) from what is admittedly a (potentially, at least) significant distraction from… well… everything. Is this temporary “freeing” what I need in order to provide my mind/brain/soul with the space required to figure out what this change of direction should be? Is the synchronicity of these colliding events as momentous and consequential as I am making out?

Or am I just trying to make myself feel better about this enforced disruption of one of my primary sources of pleasure?

Oh fate, I implore your clarity at this most poignant of junctions!


* such as ABC Tales, The Big View, The Idler and so forth



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