Post #102

17 Dec 07…


May I firstly beg your forgiveness with respect of the apparent lack of ingenuity in the naming of this and the last post? I assure you that this is not due to laziness, but there is a conscious act of reason behind such. I hope it is evident that the last post is named Post #101 in accordance with the fact that its content relates to the poignant juncture of having arrived at the 101st post. And this post is kind of a sequel to Post #101… thus inspiring the appellation of Post #102 (although I suppose Post #101 – part 2 may have been equally appropriate). Anyway, enough of these semantics and perchance superfluous apologies…

On with the post!

Two days after the posting of the last post, after having suffered over forty-eight hours of PlayStationlessness, my girlfriend decided enough’s enough! and resolved to fix it. Truly! Now I’m not going to attempt to over-explain things or expect you to believe in all manner of mystical matters or owt, save to say that she does, at times, have some kind of… affinity… with electrical items. I had tried – really! – to “be philosophical” about my lack of PS2, but there is no doubting, over the course of the two days following its apparent demise, that it had cast a cloud of grey aspect over my mood. Like I said in Post #101, it’s not so much that I cannot cope with not having a daily dose of PlayStation for two or more days, but it’s more that sense of wanting something all the more if you know you can’t have it.

So anyway…

By way of an expression of the aforementioned affinity, last Thursday evening my girlfriend uttered the profound instruction to “stick a DVD in it”… which I did… and it played! I then tried a game… and it didn’t work… so I ejected it and re-inserted it… and lo, the game did load! Now I can’t claim to know quite what occurred – electronically, mystically or whatever – during this process, except to say that the PS2 has since been working almost faultlessly…

…until last night!

At about 2035h, twenty-five minutes before the start of the last episode in the series of Cranford, I decided to have just a quick look at one of the batch of games I had recently been gifted from OPS2, which I had not got around to having a look at yet… and once again I was greeted with the message a-feared of all gamers…

“disc read error”

…but do you know what I did? After attempting a couple of times to re-load, then having my Jedi Knight girlfriend say (something along the lines of), “you played it a lot today – it needs a rest”… I gave up… and was happy to do so! In fact…

During the course of Cranford, I had something of an epiphany. It is slightly embarrassing to admit it, but I shall declare herewith on this most public of places… I am somewhat addicted to my PS2. There, I’ve said it! I have denied this, but there has always been a small part of me that has known it to be true. Well, not “always,” but you know… It is not a serious, irreconcilable addiction, which would necessitate the purging of all things PlayStation-related from my life; but… I think it is fair to say that PS2-related matters take up too much space in my mind. During Cranford, I became enlightened to the truth of this… and as such, I decided there and then to undertake, on the morrow, a symbolic gesture of rectification – I would trade five of my unfinished games for credit in Gamestation! This credit would be added to my existing credit of £19, the sum of which would go towards the eventual purchase of one of the new, even more slimline models of PS2, which, according to OPS2, will be released “in the new year,” for sale in the UK “at around £75″… This shiny new PS2 will replace my old, fading model, and will represent a new era in my approach to gaming – the fact that I have purchased said model largely with the trading of my presently substantial collection of games will mean that I will (inevitably) have relatively few games to play on it, and this combined with its physically smaller stature will symbolise the reduced “mental space” I will henceforth allocate to gaming…

And thus I will create more space in my mind/brain/soul for non-gaming-related activities… such as writing… and, erm… other things which I haven’t thought of yet!


18 Dec 07…

Well there you are – since writing the above, I have bumped up the total of my Gamestation credit by another £18 to £37, thus taking me to approx. the half-way point in affording the new, even more slimline PS2.

In the meantime…



Watch films.

Take walks in the countryside.

Appreciate the beauty and variety of life.

And, the Gods of Gaming (and my girlfriend’s proficiency with The Force) permitting, occasionally play on the PS2.

But not so much.


A bit later…

By the way, the PS2 was working again last night… Any and all PS2-healing vibes, touching of wood and so forth will continue to be appreciated! 😉



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