A Fork of Three Prongs

31 Dec 07

I baulk at the term “New Year’s Resolution”… Not really sure why. I suppose, more generally speaking, I baulk at any term/phrase/figure of speech which has become, by repetition, a meaningless cliché. Maybe I just think too much!

Anyway, whichever way you look at it, whatever you call it, I reckon the beginning of the year is probably a good time, symbolically speaking, to make some significant decisions/changes/plans. To “wipe the slate clean” (*) of any perceived failures of the last twelve months and to look forward to any and all potential successes. By “successes,” I mean anything positive you may achieve in the coming months.

With this in mind, I… resolve… to embark upon a three-pronged endeavour to make improvements to aspects of my life in 2008. Broadly speaking, these three prongs are…






The three prongs here-labelled are intimately connected, in the sense that all three prongs of a three-pronged fork are required in order to successfully stab a bit of chicken… or a potato… or a sprout.

I shall henceforth depart and figure out the details of my tripartite plan… I may or may not post some or all of such herewith… Either way…

A positive and prosperous 12-month to you all! 🙂


* meaningless cliché alert!


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