15 Jan 08

Living “in the now” is so… hard! I mean really living “in the now.”

Being a writer (or perhaps just being me), I have a tendency to think about things a lot. I think about what I’ve done, what I’m going to do, in the distant past/future or even just a few minutes either way. I think about what book I’m going to read, what PS2 game I’m going to play, what I’m going to watch on TV, whether or not I’m going to have a shave, how much washing up there is to do… Actually, come to think of it, I rarely think about the past, at least not the recent past; I have much more of a tendency to plan, anticipate, think ahead. I have decided this is not good for me! It’s okay to a degree, if one is looking forward, in a wholly positive way, to something… or something… but if one does not enjoy soaking in the bath as much as one could, or eating one’s tea, or watching the TV programme that one had anticipated watching whilst one was in the bath… how is this, as they say, “healthy”?

So I’ve decided I’m going to practice being “in the now” more. I mean the immediate, this very minute now. Because, you know, something has just occurred to me… Why (I recently asked myself) did evenings, weekends and holidays seem longer when I was a child? Because (I responded, after a short period of pondering) I didn’t think about the passing of time so much in the years of my youth. I just lived. I did things. Yes, I often looked forward to things, thought about what I had done and what I was going to do, worried even, and suchlike… but… most of the time I just did what I did, then did the next thing and the next, and time just passed by, largely unnoticed, in the background.

So… this very evening I’m going to have a nice hot bubbly bath, switch off the old brain, and just revel thoughtlessly in the suds and the liquid warmth.

If I start to think less about time, perhaps it will think less about me…? (so to speak)


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