Well… there I was, talking about not making a point… and I just keep making points! But then I suppose the point is to not necessarily make a point (if you get my point).

Anyway, my point is… I just can’t help myself! Points come into my head and I just have to make them… Should I try and stop myself from making them? Or should I just splurge whatever requires splurging (whether point-ed or point-less) on these here pages of my blog? After a ponderance of approximately 2.2 seconds, I have decided to opt for the latter.

By way of a segue into a similar thread, I find these days that I have become one of those Writers who feels a compulsion to write. 2-3 years ago, I didn’t think I’d be saying this. I liked to write, in those misty bygone years, but it wasn’t something for which I would “feel a bit funny” if I didn’t do it for a few days. Odd that. In relation to what I was on about above (points, the making of, and suchlike), it’s not that I particularly have to make a point (although that sometimes/often/frequently comes into it), but more that I have to write. It’s like an addiction. Putting pen to paper (largely metaphorically speaking, of course, due to my preponderance to, in fact, put fingers to keyboard) is like my drug. Sometimes, indeed, it doesn’t even feel all that satisfying to “give word” (a phrase I have just invented) to the thoughts that coalesce in my head; it’s just something I have to do. Most strange…

Well anyway, where was I? Oh yes, doing other things…

Laterz! (as the young’uns may or may not say) 😉


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