Scissor-phobia 2

21 Jan 08

I hereby draw your attention to a spam-hued comment which has just been appended to my previous piece, Scissor-phobia, and the subsequent response from yours truly…

[ click here ]

Normally such a comment as that proffered by Mr Mehmood would have met with prompt deletion, but on this occasion I felt it to be pertinent to comment on such. And to comment on the comment (so to speak). Thus…

The irony of the matter is that the time is once again approaching that one’s locks shall be at such a state of dishevelment and unruliness that it will be necessary to engage in the process known as “getting a hair cut.” And once again it would seem unlikely (if past experience is to be considered an accurate predictor of such) that I will approach said time with any degree of enthusiasm or indeed any kind of feeling which may be considered an antonym of “dread.” Ergo, I would just like to say the following to Mr Khalid Mehmood of the MKMT Surgical Industry…

My deeply sardonic thanks are extended to you for reminding me that it is time to get a hair cut! … As is my confident assertion that the likelihood of my making a purchase of any kind of Scissors, Tweezers & Eye Instruments With Titanium Quality, Dental Instruments, Surgical Instruments, Hairdressing Scissors & Shearsor Pet Grooming Scissors, is somewhat comparable to that of me deciding that all these confounded organs are taking up too much room in my body so I think from now on I’ll just carry them around in a “jute” bag ( i.e. not very likely).


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