Playing the Slow Game

22 Jan 08


Sam Fisher

I believe in the value of Slow.

I also like to play games. On my PlayStation 2. Slow games.

Alright, I admit, occasionally I can be found running around some virtual environment or other, swinging around some big weapon like a mad thing, sending virtual blood spraying hither and yon, with a big manic grin on my gnashers, saying Die Motherf**ker! and things of that nature. But…

I’m never happiest (in a gaming sense) than when I’m skulking around some dark passage, at what may in other circumstances be considered a painfully slow pace, carefully observing the movement patterns of my enemies and either “taking them out” with a single silent bullet to the bonce, creeping up behind them and knocking them unconscious, or simply making like a gentle breeze and drifting invisibly past them. Ahh, the incomparable thrill of sneaking into some military base or other, retrieving the required documents or activating/deactivating some electronic doohickey, then sneaking out to the “extraction point” without any of the occupants therein being any the wiser.

I mean…

Who wouldn’t want to be a highly trained super top secret ex-military special operative with no name and no past, who knows that the slightest error and the whole thing can come crashing down upon him, leading not only to his possible capture, torture and ultimate death, but the denial of his very existence by those who choose to employ his specialised services?



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