“I Don’t Care if I’m Fat!”

… So sayeth Vicky Beckham on the cover of some magazine or other.


Isn’t that a bit like saying “Money doesn’t matter to me” when you’re not short of a bob or two?

Or “I can give up at any time” when you’re smoking 40-a-day?

Now part of me wants to get annoyed at such a pronouncement and say things like “What does she know about being fat?!”

and other such reactive gubbins, but then I think, it’s this kind of response that such a headlines is intended to incite. So who am I to act in a way that is expected of me?

Vicky Beckham aka Posh Spice aka the wife of the most famous footballer in the world apparently doesn’t care if she’s fat. But, presuming that she did actually say the words quoted, do we care about the context they were said in? Or does that just take the fun away?

Sometimes I want to feel sorry for these celebs… but then I think, who do you think you are, putting yourself in the public spotlight and saying things?! – Fools!


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