Today’s Hectic Lifestyle!

No time? Dry clean on-line!

In a hurry? Park & Pay by Phone!

Spice up your lunch break with curry in a hurry for £4.95!

Gaaaagghhh!! Stop it! No more! Stop offering me these speedy, quick solutions to dry cleaning, parking and eating, for God’s sake! And how the hell does one dry clean on-line, anyway?! Or park by phone!?! It just doesn’t make sense! And su-u-urely a curry, on account of its spiciness and what-have-you, is the last thing you should be eating “in a hurry”! (other than celery or blue cheese or Christmas cake)

And what’s with all these exclamation marks?! Why do you have to shout at me all the time?!! Actually, two out of three of the exclamation marks in the above were added by me… but the others were implied! There was an exclamation marky tone to these ads!

So come on, people, let’s take a stand! Let’s stop being told about our “hectic lifestyles,” our “busy busy” lives and how we want to fit more and more into less and less time! The adverts, the media, the everything around us, are telling us who we are and how we want to be, and we don’t have to be these things!!

Take a stand and sit down!

Open your eyes and go to sleep!

Do your dry cleaning, park and eat (especially curries), in your own sweet time!

Have a cup of tea!

Sorry, I mean…

…(((_have a cup of tea_)))…

🙂 🙂 🙂


5 comments on “Today’s Hectic Lifestyle!

  1. Free to think, free to believe... says:

    My you are posting at a rate aren’t you? [No need to stop just because I noticed though…]

    ‘They’ want you to ‘pay by phone’ because that way they get more information out of you than a coin went into the slot…

  2. pepsoid says:

    Indeed I am, Free! It (my present prolificness) almost goes against my Slow principles, but then I’ve always intended The Art of Tea to be an uncensored outpouring of thoughtery, so I’m trying to be even more uncensored. And you may have noticed my pieces are generally somewhat shorter than they used to be!

    Back to the subject matter… this relates to another bugbear (I’d be interested to know where that term comes from – a job for the wonderful Wikipedia, methinks!) of mine, that of the exponentially increasing complexity of life. Like you say, “that way they get more information out of you” – & ain’t this just so much more the case these days? One has to fill in forms, undergo various checks, “volunteer” so much personal info, just to step through a door or something. Not that this has got much to do with hecticness, but I just thought I’d mention it…

  3. Free to think, free to believe... says:

    Ah, but it does – instead of ‘open door, walk through’ we are now faced with ‘punch button, open…’, ‘open door, approach desk until cleared….’ and other such whilst the day is not lengthened therefore hecticness increased…

    Whatever happened to ‘The Imugi’ by the way?

  4. pepsoid says:

    You are indeed correct, Free! 😉

    Yes, I was wondering about “The Imugi” myself just t’other day… I think I have his email address – I may just drop him a line…

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