[ inspired by Stephen Baxter’s Destiny’s Children sequence of books ]

Even while we occupy just a single world, which we call “Earth,” the individual human being is but an infinitesimal speck amidst the vast teeming mass that is Humanity. Humanity is a single organism, of which the individual human being is a cell – an atom. Humanity is a pulsing, throbbing, swelling organism, sending out exploratory pseudopods, advancing, retreating, pushing forth, shrinking, seeking new directions in which to grow, spread, expand and substances on which to feed. The cells of this organism have no awareness of its ultimate purpose. Its ultimate purpose is infinite, eternal. The perception of the individual human being is of little or no significance, where compared with the inconceivably immense ambition of the single organism called Humanity.

The organism expands… a city, a country, a continent, a planet… it pushes beyond its Earthbound constraints into the immensity of The Universe… As the world that gave birth to our species becomes an insignificant, infinitesimal speck… what will become of the individual human being…??


2 comments on “Expansion

  1. Baekho says:

    Much of human life can be seen as a constant tension between the particular (or individual) and the universal (or “humanity-as-a-whole”). Ideally their interests and goals should be synergized; in reality, this often isn’t the case. We end up with individualistic societies or collectivist societies and in both cases do injustice to one or the other…

    Really great post 😀

  2. pepsoid says:

    Thank you, “Baekho”! 🙂

    If you are interested in such issues, I would highly recommend the aforementioned S.Baxter’s books, by the way… Science fiction with a social conscience!

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