The Sequential Relating of Facts

In the Daily Mail’s write-up for the TV programme Mistresses the other day, they said something along the lines of it being entertaining but straight out of Alice in Wonderland. For my, as they say, sins, I have had the pleasure of watching five out of the six episodes of this series which have been broadcast on the BBC thus far, and I have to say that I have not noticed a single white rabbit, a bottle that says “Drink Me” or anyone by the name of Tweedle, be they “Dee” or be they “Dum.” This therefore draws me to conclude that the intended implication implied thereto was that the events of said dramatic televisual serial have been grounded in fantasy. To which I feel that the only appropriate response is…

Well duh!

I mean… isn’t that the point of a story? Whether it be one that is told through the medium of television, cinema, in the written form or through song or the frames of a comic (or “graphic novel”)… wouldn’t it be just utterly boring and lacking in any entertainment value whatsoever if a story was realistic? I don’t mean “realistic” like a soap opera is realistic (allegedly), I mean in no way dissimilar from real life.

Stories, by their very nature, are unlikely. That’s what makes them stories and not just the sequential relating of facts. I remember at the time The Matrix came out, there were people who said it was infeasible…

Once again…

Well duh!

That’s aside from the fact that I happen to think The Matrix is entirely feasible, but that’s a whole other barrel of Bockwursts


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