On the Virtual Breaking of Heads (and things)

You can’t beat a good game! I am, of course, talking videogames, not card games, board games, dice games or whatever… although there is that. For those of you who would not call themselves “gamers,” you probably won’t really “get” what I’m on about. But for those of you who would…

That feeling of being in that blissful gaming “Sweet Spot”! Where you are totally immersed in whatever virtual world you are immersed in… where it is challenging, but not so difficult that it takes away from the pure enjoyment of it… where you become unaware of time and all you desire is to bring a swift but creative end to the enemies who surround you, or to find the next room, explore the next area, solve the next puzzle, etc etc etc… and where reality (whatever that is) just becomes an island somewhere amidst this wondrous, thrilling gaming ocean in which you have submerged your entire being!

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks is doing this for me at the moment. It is ultra-violent, but it is such an extreme, infeasible, cartoon violence, that it is a pure joy to behold and be embroiled within. And oh, the many blood-spilling, limb-hewing, body-flinging ways one can inflict pain and death upon one’s enemies! Oh, the supreme, inimitable rapture of it… 🙂

(until, that is, I get bored or sickened by it all, and move onto something more peaceful… like Zoo Puzzle… or something…)


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