“Exciting Times!”

Have you noticed how often this phrase is used for times which are so far from exciting, it’s like saying a cheese sandwich is a gastronomic extravaganza? Not that I don’t like a good cheese sandwich, but I think you get the point.

We’re reorganising the office.
We’re “re-branding” the company.
The manager has just bought a new tie.

I mean…


And all that.

I say we reclaim the phrase “Exciting Times!”… Let us remember the difference between exciting and so-boring-I-could-chew-my-own-leg-off… Let us re-apply the phrase “Exciting Times!” to such events as…

Someone from England winning Wimbledon.
The end of a war.
Finding life on Saturn.
The invention of an immortality pill.
Someone finding the cure for cancer.

Or maybe I’m just being pernickety.


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