The Lovely Gappy-Toothed Gwen

Gwen Cooper

The missus reckons I have an “orthodontal fantasy” with respect of the gap between the top front teeth of the-lovely-Gwen-from-Torchwood. S’funny, coz I can’t say I have ever really found a toothy gap to be a source of attraction. And yet… on the-lovely-Gwen-from-Torchwood, it is a most endearing quality! Perhaps this is because, with respect of the-lovely-Gwen-from-Torchwood, her endearingness is founded on the very unconventionality of her beauty… and when she “goes all Welsh”… I go all tingly! 🙂

Anyway, that’s enough of the-lovely-Gwen-from-Torchwood.


One comment on “The Lovely Gappy-Toothed Gwen

  1. […] By way of a follow-up to my previous piece on this subject, I would like to just comment on how lovely Gwen-from-Torchwood looked in her wedding dress in last […]

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