The Lingering Taste of Fish

I have started taking cod liver oil. My girlfriend’s Nan, as they say, “swears by it.” I have just completed a month’s worth of some lovely orange-flavoured capsules I got for free, and I hope I am not deluding myself, but they seem to be taking effect – my joints don’t seem quite so achy as they did previously. I have, as of this morning, moved on to some cheaper, non-flavoured capsules, which are about two-thirds the strength, so I decided to take two… and since the swallowing of such, I have the lingering taste of fish in my gob! This could be down to taking twice the recommended quantity, so hopefully, if I reduce my dosage by half, the lingering taste of fish will not re-occur. If it does, however…

Does anyone know any good ways of removing or preventing the lingering taste of fish?



2 comments on “The Lingering Taste of Fish

  1. Free to think, free to believe... says:

    Stop eating FISH!

    There are other sources, but well – I just plain don’t like fish – i wonder if you can tell. But my advice works for me…

  2. pepsoid says:

    Actually, I’ve since found Coke does the trick… or Dr Pepper…

    But what does that say about Coke or Dr Pepper?!!

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