Puffy Spiffy Iffy

He sits on rock buns… he stands around, sits around… he doesn’t really do much… and yet…

He is representative of so much!

He is an icon of idler-ness!

… I’m standing here like Piffy…
… I’m sitting here like Piffy on a rock bun…

Is Piffy even a “he”?

Who is Piffy?

What does he look like, what does he think, how does he dress, what would he say if you asked him/her/it, “What would you like for your tea?”…?

Piffy is Zen.

Piffy is everything and nothing.

Piffy is…



[ the above can also found as a discussion topic on the Facebook group, Silly But Deep ]


One comment on “Puffy Spiffy Iffy

  1. pepsoid says:

    Reblogged this on the art of tea and commented:

    This nearly 4 year old entry has just been ‘liked’ – thanks, Frivolous Monster! 😉

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