Thankfully I now work in a company for whom, at least as far as my position and my relationship with my colleagues is concerned, such terms as “Month End” and its bigger, scarier cousin, “Year End,” do not induce undercurrents of mild terror. For those of my readers who are not versed in the intricacies of accountancy practice (which I am only to the extent that I need to be), what this basically amounts to is, rushing around like the proverbial winged insect of cerulean derrière, for the last few days of each month or for the last few weeks of each financial year (which runs, for some reason which is no doubt known to someone somewhere, from April to April), getting as much stuff done as you can (payments, invoice processing, reports of various descriptions, etc, etc, etc), so that what you have done is recorded in the “books” of the previous month/year, rather than the following month/year… the reason for this is something to do with tax and auditing and things… but it is a reason whose precise nature, despite my years in such environments, has eluded me…

It seems to me that, generally speaking, said mild terror and frequent bouts of panic could be avoided by adopting the following simple principles…

Don’t Worry!

And furthermore…

Slow Down!

If we simply allowed things to be done when they were done, there would be a single month/year in the life of a business in which less was done than one may have hoped, but in the following months/years, things would even out and there would be no overall long-term detrimental effects (this is accounting (pardon the pun) for the fact that, in the normal run of things, there is always a bit of a lull for a few days/weeks following the panic of Month/Year End)… and we would be eliminating quite a bit of stress into the bargain!

The above seems obvious to me. And yet…

Why do big companies/businesses not seem to see things this way?

Does capitalism thrive on stress?

Would my suggestion go so strongly against the grain, that it would be just inconceivable, in the Big Western World of Commerce, to try Another Way?

I fear that I may now be struck down by the almighty, infallible God of Financial Accounts, for deigning to question the unquestionable, eternal, immutable Truth of the Bible of Accountancy Practice… :-/


2 comments on ““Panic!”

  1. RubyShooZ says:

    I’m a firm believer in the quote:

    “Question authority.”

    It could cost someone their job if they did that outright or it could make someone (authority) actually stop, look, listen, meditate on it and work towards change, towards looking at that “grain” and thinking about, or doing something(s) to change the grain; to smooth out that grain with some sandpaper and rub some linseed oil into it and soften that grain that rubs so many the wrong way.

    I cannot imagine the job you have and I know I could not live with a mostly constant pressure (or green monstor) looking over my shoulder.

    I used to have a doctor that would pat my hand and tell me over and over, “No stress, no stress” and it took a while to sink in but I’ve lessened the stress – with meditation, with loving all and with taking those deep breaths when it’s either that or scream.

    Ah, there I go, on off rambling which means it’s time to stop.

    Wishing you well today and every day. Much love and peace to you.

  2. pepsoid says:

    Ramble on, Ruby! I like rambling! 😉

    Lovely to see you again around these parts… 🙂

    Thankfully, as I said, nowadays I work in an environment which is, as far as such things as Month/Year End are concerned, far more relaxed than previous places I have worked. However, the relative increase in stress at the recent Year End reminded me of how bad things could be… in fact, I would say that the fact that it was relatively unstressed in my present company only goes to prove, I think, my point! – i.e. that things surely don’t have to be the way they normally seem to be…

    Erm… if you see what I mean…

    (he said, ramblingly… 😉 )

    Couldn’t agree more with your “question authority” principle! In fact, you may be interested to take a look at a topic I started on the forum “The Big View,” in which I suggest we should *always* question the motives behind the rules, regulations and laws we find ourselves having to follow…

    …well I would’ve posted a link, but I’m having problems loading the website at the moment – if you really want to have a look, try going into http://www.thebigview.com, finding the “Philosophy” forum and clicking in the topic (created by me under my pseudonym, “Zoid”) entitled “The Benevolence of Our Leaders”… please feel free to join the forum & post a comment of your own! 😉

    Happiness, humour & cheesecakes…


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