You don’t have to get out of your chair to …

Send someone a message.
Book a holiday.
Talk to someone.
Play a game.
Get some counselling.
Send someone a gift.
Look at photos.
“Visit” a foreign country.
Try out a new hairstyle.
Write a story or paint a picture.
Write a diary.
Do some sums.
Book a table at a restaurant.
Watch a film or some TV.
Listen to some music.
Have a meeting.
File some documents.
Pay a bill.
Go to an auction.
Order a book from the library.
Watch the stars.
Fly a (virtual) plane.
Discover a new religion.
Join a fanclub.
Make new friends.
Buy pretty much anything.
Have (virtual) sex.
Read a book.
Check your horoscope.
Check the TV listing.
Discover a scientific theory.
Book your car in for an MOT.
Bully someone.
Make someone happy.
Commit a crime.
Find a name for your baby.
Learn a new recipe.
Learn what not to wear.
See a doctor.
Find out if you are overweight and what to do about it.
Be a superhero for a day.
Be a spy.
Be a private eye.
Run a business.
Become famous.
Catch a criminal.
Change your identity.
Steal someone’s identity.
Get married.
Become ordained.
Make a lot of money.
Pay someone a lot of money.
Have a life.
Destroy a life.

… What on Earth would we do without chairs?


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