A Load of Old Tosh?

Yesterday at my place of “work,” an issue arose relating to the energy cost of the needless boiling of full kettles. I don’t want to go into the details, except to say that it sparked a conversation between two of my colleagues on whether or not Global Warming was “a load of old tosh.” They alluded to the possibility that it was all a big conspiracy theory and that any large-scale environmental changes that are presently occurring are purely natural and inevitable and there is not a squiddly-doo we can do about them. They made good points. And I accept these possibilities. They also mentioned that an eminent British politician – I believe they said it was Nigel Lawson, although forgive me if I have got this wrong or I misheard – is actually campaigning for us to stop taking action to prevent environmental catastrophe, on account of the fact that it is based on nothing and is adversely affecting the economy.

Now like I said, I accept the possibility that Global Warming is a load of old tosh, or if it is happening, it’s purely natural and there’s not a damned thing we can do about it… but… what if it’s not? A load of old tosh, that is. Are we willing to take that chance? Do any of us really know enough, can any of us be sure enough, to decide that we’re not going to do what we can to prevent a global environmental catastrophe that may or may not happen? I suppose it depends on how much we care about the future… how much we care about the state of the world we are bequeathing to our children… our children’s children…

Also… whether or not the pro-Green scientists etc have got it wrong, whether or not Global Warming is real and preventable, can we really deny that the products of the “Green Movement” are good things, positive things?… How we have been forced or at least encouraged to rethink our attitude towards how we use our resources… how we have had our eyes opened (even if only a sliver) to the fact that uncontrolled growth cannot be sustained forever… how normal, everyday folk are at least aware of the world around them and the life and biological systems upon it… how the word “ecology” has become known (even if not fully understood) by the general populace… Can we really say that we (our minds, our attitudes, our souls) have not benefited from these things?

Global Warming may or may not be happening… we may or may not be able to do anything about it… but we can help future generations to realise that the world does not purely exist for their benefit…


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