British Weather

One is pleased today. It is not raining. It is not freezing cold. It is not muggy and headache-inducing… well, not particularly. There is a light, gentle breeze in the air. It is not barbecue weather… I shan’t be ripping off my top any time soon and laying out on the nearest bit of grass to drink in the powerful solar rays, but I am also unlikely to step outside for five minutes and return with a pretty good impression of what a sponge feels like. It is… when all’s said and done… pleasant.

Hoo – as they say – rah.

No, come on, a bit more enthusiasm than that…

Hoorah!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

In truth, “pleasant” is what I like. I like to not be too hot or too cold. I like to not have to wear a jacket, nor feel uncomfortable when sat on the seat of a train. If it’s too hot, I can stand it for half an hour, an hour at best, before I retreat into the shade or a darkened room… if it’s too cold, I get depressed. I like the weather to be… kinda nothing…

Although sun is nice… no-jacket weather, but with a few gentle rays of sun… perfect!

It’s been a bit pants just lately – and come to think of it, last summer was also a bit pants – but overall… on average… I mean, if one could just average it out a bit more… British weather suits me just fine…

It’s a good thing this is where I live then! 🙂


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