“Can You Remember the Days Before Mobile Phones?”

…was one of the topics of conversation at work today. The by-line being…

“How did we cope?!”

Well you know what? We did cope! We coped pretty darned well! And we didn’t feel like something was missing, like we were missing out. Similarly, we coped before PlayStations, before MP3 players… even before TV’s, before cars, before the printing press, before the wheel!

Yes, we dreamed – obviously we dreamed… we dreamed of being able to get places faster, of being able to communicate with each other better, of sharper swords and comfier shoes… but we coped!

And how did we cope?

Because we didn’t know any better.

We found our happiness where we could and dealt with our trials using the means at our disposal. If suddenly we didn’t have mobile phones, we would feel a loss – some would find it unbearably painful… we would grieve… but we would adapt! We would cope! We may even get to the point where we wonder why we thought we needed them so much!

Mobile phones would sink into the annals of mythology, along with dragons, alien autopsies and perpetual motion machines…

I reckon humanity would cope without mobile phones!


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