I like Lily Allen. Tiz true that I know barely anything about the lady, and there is a distinct possibility that she exhibits many unpleasant qualities that would be intolerable in a person of whom I knew much, but nevertheless, based on what I do know, or at least what I can perceive, based on the fleeting impressions I find myself in receipt of through the various media sources whereby her image and personality are, in some way, presented… I like her. In part, this is down to the fact that I am inclined to “give the benefit of the doubt” and indeed to seek more good qualities with respect of those who appear to be “given a bad press” than with those who are seen in more of a positive light. Amy Winehouse, for example… she gets in some right scrapes, that one, and it could not be said, by any stretch of the imagination more stretchy than Stretch Armstrong, that she “sets a good example to the young ‘uns”… but nevertheless… she is clearly troubled and needs (probably) support and kindness, rather than constant bashing by the popular media! But anyway, back to Lily Allen…

On the front page of today’s Metro, there is a head & shoulders photo of her at some awards ceremony or other, the caption beneath the photo speaking of her new “garish” pink-dyed hair. Garish! Personally, upon seeing this pic, of the always-delightfully-if-cheekily-smiling Ms Allen, with her new shocking-pink hair and what appeared, if I am not mistaken, to be a shocking-pink bow therein, the first thought than came into my head was…

Wow! That’s fantastic!

…or something of that nature. Bright pink! Wonderful! How delightfully expressive! And, I have to say, the kind of effusive expressiveness that only the likes of Ms Allen can get away with. And the bow was just the pink icing on the pink cake! But then, the caption beneath the photo went on to invite us to turn to pages 12-13 to witness what was an evening more “shocking” dress…

When I was first observing the front-page photo, it was through the means of taking a sneaky peak at someone else’s Metro, whilst sitting on the train, as I had not as yet procured a copy for myself… and by the time I did alight from the train and manage to locate a copy of said free paper on a bench of the platform whereupon I then found myself, it was with a gentle inner-fuming that I thought…

What the diddly are they attacking the poor misunderstood Ms Allen for now?!

…or something of that nature.

So I picked up the paper from the bench… turned to pages 12-13… and observed thereupon the “shocking” dress to which one’s attention was being directed… which was, generally speaking, as pink as her hair (and the bow thereupon)… and… had little pictures of Bambi with blood spurting out of his neck…

Hmm, maybe that’s not so pleasant… 😐


2 comments on “Garish

  1. Free to think, free to believe... says:

    Our ‘Heroes’ eh…

  2. pepsoid says:


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