Fruit-Coloured Headgear

I never used to understand why Prince would do all these really funky songs like Kiss and When Doves Cry, then he’d do something really girly like Raspberry Beret… I mean… eh? 😐


2 comments on “Fruit-Coloured Headgear

  1. Brenda says:

    I’m a closet Prince fan … at least I LOVE When Doves Cry! I see your point about Raspberry Beret, however. But I feel the same way about Paul McCartney … I LOVE Ebony and Ivory, but that ditty about silly love songs? I guess everyone needs something light easy at times!

  2. pepsoid says:

    Psst… I’m also a closet fan… 😉

    The Batman theme, for example… great tune! 🙂

    But Money Don’t Matter 2Nite…?? Pur-lease!!! 😐

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