The Road to Happiness #2: No Time is Ever Wasted…

…or needn’t be.

Yes, I know, sounds a bit Pollyanna-ish, but this is one of those aim-for-the-stars-and-you-might-reach-the-sky type principles. A principle which was tested for me last Monday, when I rang to rearrange a dentist’s appointment at 10:05am, was asked if I could get there in half an hour, said yes (after a swift consultation with my designated driver/girlfriend), upon which we speedily bundled the baby and ourselves into the car, drove the required five miles (or whatever it was), found somewhere to park, then I arrived at my appointment with about five minutes to spare… to the announcement that appointments were running 10-15 minutes late… which I accepted (how often are such things ever on time?)… waited fifteen minutes… twenty… thirty… watched everyone go in who had been in the waiting room before I arrived… watched someone else go in who had arrived only a few minutes ago… waited another five minutes… and finally, fifty minutes after the time of my appointment, went down to reception and asked what was going on…

I can’t, to be honest, remember exactly what was said, except that I think there were a few Err’s and Umm’s and consultings of the appointments list and askings of my name (once or twice) and shamefacedly apologising and offering to fit me in “shortly” and things of that nature… by which time I was tired, cold, hungry (and not particularly fancying having to wait God knows how long, after having a great chunk of metal stuck in my gob or whatever, before I could eat) and just wanting to get back home to my family, to a warm house and some lunch (and, more urgently, a big pile of consolatory chocolate)… and so, being me, I said “Don’t worry” and “These things happen” and suchlike (because God forbid the nice receptionists should feel bad for their STUPID AND ANNOYING BALLS-UP!!), and arranged a new appointment for Thursday morning…

On the way home, after making purchase of the aforementioned Big Pile of Consolatory Chocolate, I tried not to think of the morning that had just been wasted by myself and my girlfriend (who, after dropping me off and after an exchange of calls and texts, during which my appointment was getting later and later, had had to go home and feed the baby, via a somewhat circuitous route resulting from receiving erroneous directions)… and I tried to make the most of the time that had been (*ahem*) “freed up for me,” by “appreciating” the “opportunities” I had been given (by the… err… universe… or whatever…), to “discover” (!) a new part of Stourbridge (oh joy!), to read the latest ShortList which had been left on the train (a Bond/Quantum of Solace special!) and to take the admittedly-pleasant walk home from the station on what was an admittedly-pleasant (if a tad nippy) October day…

Yes, I did genuinely try to appreciate these opportunities (note the lack of quotation marks on this occasion)… and I was, to some degree, successful in this endeavour… but damn, it takes an effort of will sometimes! Especially when, upon arriving home, my beloved is, quite understandably, somewhat peeved at the time-wastage and stress my Dental Balls-Up has inflicted upon her… but I tried! Goddammit, I tried! And that, my friends, ultimately and at the end of it all, is the point…

Aim for the stars and you might reach the sky!

No time is ever wasted!

Or needn’t be…

(well, in theory…)


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