K Suzuki (from Kissy to Koji)

The funny little synchronicities of life serve to infuse me with the general feeling that all has a purpose, which is being fulfilled, at the moment at which the synchronicities occur, appropriately and as fate decrees. I do, for example, presently have two books on my Birmingham library card, of which I am reading “You Only Live Twice” by Ian Fleming, in which Bond has recently met the beautiful Japanese girl, Kissy Suzuki… and the other book, pending the reading thereof, is “Loop” by Koji Suzuki, which I requested the purchasing of some time ago by the library and which just happens to have arrived for my collection while I was reading “You Only Live Twice”…

Two K Suzuki’s…

The meaning is the meaning…


One comment on “K Suzuki (from Kissy to Koji)

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