Coincidence?! (aka “further occurrences of synchronicity within books I am reading/have read”…)

Following on from “K Suzuki (from Kissy to Koji)”

There’s no doubt about it, there is a link between the latest three books I am reading/have read…! I refer to the fact that, within just the first chapter of the book I am presently reading, Koji Suzuki’s “Loop,” very clear synchronous references have been made to the last two books I have read… to whit…

One of the first things the boy Kaoru does in “Loop” is show his mum printouts of two world maps he has discovered, comparing areas of gravitational anomalies with zones of longevity – and lo, the last-but-one book I have read, Greg Egan’s “Incandescence,” features most prominently the attempts by an alien race to decipher and understand an ancient “Map of Weights” of their world – which is very much similar to Kaoru’s “Map of Gravitational Anomalies”!

And the next thing Kaoru does is talk to his mum about the likelihood of life occurring by random chance on Earth; comparing such with a plot strand in a soap where a married couple on the brink of divorce were brought together “by random chance” on a certain point of land on the Japan Sea coast, a place which was very special for them, as it was where they first met, whereupon they remembered all the wonderful times they had had together there and their old feelings for each other were reawakened – only (of course!) it wasn’t, as it happened, due to random chance that they had met, but rather the colluding of their well-meaning friends…

…the latter resonating strongly with Bond’s “coincidental” encounter with his nemesis Blofeld in Fleming’s “You Only Live Twice” (which I have just finished reading), who just happened to be the “gaijin” (foreigner) who the Japanese Secret Service asked him to dispense with in exchange for giving him some vital information, thus offering Bond the opportunity to exact revenge upon the man who has just (in the previous 007 book, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”) murdered his wife… in which it was never specifically suggested that perhaps, in fact, M/the British Secret Service and Tiger Tanaka/the Japanese Secret Service colluded to bring Bond to Blofeld (as per the friends of Kaoru’s soap couple), but oh I think there is a distinct possibility that this is what Fleming wanted us to believe occurred!

So… coincidences about coincidences… and other things… and “Loop” is, according to the blurb, “fiction about fiction”!… and there is the Japanese link!… and there is the use of the term “gaijin,” meaning “foreigner,” in both “You Only Live Twice” and Stephen Baxter’s/Arthur C Clarke’s “A Time Odyssey” series, which I have also recently read!…

Okay, that last one is perhaps a bit spurious, but…

What does it all mean?

Alright, I’m working on it…


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