Mundane Ponderances #1: Train Pass Quandary

I could put my train pass in a plastic wallet especially designed for the containment of such, but then that would be one more thing I could lose. Because I’m good at losing things. It’s a talent of mine. It is a talent, thankfully, over the years, I have managed to learn techniques for keeping in check, but it is something I think will always be there at the back of my mind, like alcoholism or a deep pond around which a precarious fence has been constructed. So I keep the two parts of my train pass – the photocard and the monthly updated bit – in my “proper” wallet, the wallet which contains my money and my Tesco’s Club Card and things. The train pass is afforded an extra level of security on account of its containment within the zippy part of the wallet, but there is, of course, one little problem with keeping it therein… I have to extract the two parts of the train pass from the wallet, generally about two or three times a day, in order to flash it for the perusal of a train guard! I have to extract the two parts from the wallet, flash the two parts (generally held, perhaps a tad precariously, in one hand, so that the information on both parts is clearly visible) in front of the train guard and then return both parts of the train pass to the wallet. This presents a number of opportunities, each and every day, for dropping/ losing/ misplacing one or both parts of the pass… which is perhaps insufficiently compensated for by the fact of not keeping the pass in a specially designed plastic wallet.

Oh the tribulations and quandaries of everyday existence!


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