More on Valis

I would say this is the last thing I will say on Valis (see my previous three entries), but blogs being blogs, me being me, etc, there is a reasonable chance references of some sort will be made at some point in the future to such, so I will say that perhaps this is the last thing I will say for now – perhaps!

Anyway, it’s just a brief little point of interest I want to mention… that being, that right at the end of the 2007 Kerosina hardback edition of Valis is a Publisher’s note, which mentions that the French edition of Valis bore the following dedication…

Aux quatres membres de la Societé Rhipidon:
Horselover Fat, pour avoir osé etre fou,
K.W. Jeter, pour avoir pousuivi la verité,
Timothy Powers, pour sa banté,
Philip K. Dick, pour avoir consigné la chose par ecrit.

…which, through prudent use of Babel Fish, combined with my own scattered grasp of French, roughly translates as…

To the four members of the Rhipidon Society:
Horselover Fat, for daring to be insane,
K.W. Jeter, for perceiving the truth,
Timothy Powers, for his banter,
Philip K. Dick, to have consigned the thing to writing.

Apologies to any French readers for any errors in my/Babel Fish’s translation, but I think I have got across the general gist.

Anyway, just wanted to share this! 😉


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