Coldplan Wisdom #1 : 1 Jan 09 : “If you are in a hole, stop digging”

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This does not, at first perusal, seem like a particularly positive aphorism to begin the year with. It is one which is generally taken as being suggestive of the notion that if one is in some kind of trouble, one should not do anything to exacerbate said trouble. One could, however, read it differently – to whit…

If one has completed the building of the structure one has intended to build, one should stop building and hence save any energy which may otherwise be expended on further (pointless) building.

Or perhaps more succinctly…

When you have built the roof of your house, stop building.

… which could be taken as implying the following…

1. Don’t waste energy on superfluities.
2. Be aware of what you are expending your energy on and stop when it is time to stop.

… which ties in neatly with my previous piece, with respect of its expression of the notion of keeping things simple! Which is, I would say, a pretty good place to start a new year… 🙂


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