Keeping Things Simple & Coldplan Wisdom

One of my sort-of-New-Year’s-Resolutions is to keep things simple. This is sort of an ongoing resolution, for which I feel there is no harm in frequently (more frequently than once a year, actually) renewing such and rethinking its impact, the means by which it can be kept and so on. One of the ways in which this sort-of-resolution manifested towards the end of last year was within the context of this blog – to whit, as you may or may not have noticed, I have removed the categories. This is on account of the fact that I considered them to be pointless relative to the time and energy I put into considering what category each post should go into… and then intermittently realising that new categories need to be created… and trying to decide if older posts should be put into these new categories… and so on! So I apologise if any of my readers did, in fact, make use of these categories (presuming anyone even noticed them), to whom I would say that if you want to find any previous posts that relate to any particular topic or whatever, may I advise that you make use of the Search box?

Anyway… keeping things simple…

I decided, last year, not to have a “desk calendar” on my desk at work, on account of wanting to keep it as free of clutter as possible (keeping things simple again)… but throughout the course of the year, I found myself drawn to the words of wisdom upon the calendar of one of my colleagues, which often served as a catalyst for interesting or humorous conversation. Usually I pft‘d at the banality of said “wisdom,” but often even an aphorism of facile aspect can be the precursor of an interesting or humorous exchange. As such, I decided, in 2009, I would indeed accept the gift of a “Collins Coldplan” desk calendar from my employer, I would read the daily words of “wisdom” thereupon, I would think upon such and, if and when I was inspired to do so, I would write a few words pertaining to such. I have considered whether or not I should start a new blog dedicated to Coldplan Wisdom

But then I thought…


Keep things simple!

And as such, said reflections, as and when they occur, will be contained within this here blog.

See the next post for Coldplan Wisdom #1…!


4 comments on “Keeping Things Simple & Coldplan Wisdom

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