Colplan Wisdom #3 : 8 Jan 09 – 9 Jan 09

[ click here to be enlightened on the meaning of “Colplan Wisdom”!

Yes, that’s Colplan Wisdom, not Coldplan Wisdom… without a “d”! It is, of course, entirely possible that no one has noticed this minor typographical error, but I did and I hold my hand up to it – corrected henceforth! 😉 ]

* * * * *

Thurs 8 Jan 09 : Perhaps it’s only coincidence, but man’s best friend can’t talk.

I have to say it… who writes these?!

By “man’s best friend,” I presume they mean “dog”… so dogs can’t talk… but I further presume the point being made here is along the lines of…

Humans are best able to make friends with “people” who don’t talk back.

…? – i.e. “people” who don’t respond to questions, who don’t criticise, who don’t themselves question, etc. Which seems to be a rather cynical view of humankind! We prefer not to be disagreed with (and we are more likely to like folk who don’t disagree with us (not the same, by the way, as people who agree with us)), to be contradicted or whatever. It is indeed probably true that we tend to surround ourselves (even in Cyberspace…?) by people who agree with us – we prefer to surround ourselves with such people.

The bottom line, though…

Do we choose acquiescent lapdogs for our “best friends”…?

Fri 9 Jan 09 : Kindness consists of loving people more than they perhaps deserve.

Also perhaps somewhat cynical! But isn’t the internal logic of this maxim voided by the fact that true kindness, true love (in the of-our-fellow-man/woman type), presumes that everyone to whom it is offered is deserving of such?


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