Shoot the “Experts”!

My colleague read out something he read in The Sun today, along the lines of…

If you exercise in your lunch break, you are better at your job… your time management skills improve by 70%!

– which may well be true, but…

Don’t give ’em ideas!

Unless you’ve got a job which you truly love and believe in, and/or you or angling for that promotion and improving your “time management skills” may help you to get it, why do you want to necessarily be “better at your job”? You improve your “efficiency,” you get given more stuff to do… and on it spirals!

It riles me so, seeing/reading/hearing about this sort of pseudo-scientific “fact”… like being “better at your job” is automatically some kind of virtue! What about being “better at your life”? I’m not anti-exercise, per se, but if you exercise during your lunch break in order to be better at your job, what about the fact that you now have an hour (or whatever) less per day in order to have other positive life experiences?

Being “better at your job” is not the be all and end all! 😐


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