La Conclusion de l’Expérience Colplan (pour Maintenant)

…being the French for…

The Conclusion of the Colplan Experiment (for Now)

…at least according to Babel Fish.

Not that I’m sure why I decided to have the title of this piece in French; it just sort of came into my head to do so. Well anyway, the point being…

…that I have decided to conclude the aforementioned Colplan Experiment – being, for those who have chosen, for whatever reason, not to click on the link embedded within the term ‘Colplan Experiment’ (being the previous instance of such, not this one (if you see what I mean)), an ‘experiment’ whereby I have, since the 1st of Jan this year, written down all the sayings/maxims/adages on each of the dates of my Collins Colplan desktop calendar at work, and, at such time as I was inspired to do so, writing my own thoughts on such… and posting herewith.

The reason for my concluding (for now) said experiment being…

That I have got bored of it! Which, in itself, is, I would say, fair enough, but I beg you permit my indulgence in proffering further clarification and expansion theretofore. To whit…

– Many of the sayings annoyed me.
– Those that didn’t annoy me, I just found somewhat pointless.
– Those that I didn’t find annoying or pointless (a rare breed!), I didn’t really have time to write anything worthwhile about… and time being at something of a premium at the mo, what with
being a dad and things, the prioritization of my pleasures and creative indulgences is presently of utmost importance.

So that, as ‘they’ say, is that.
(as it were)


One comment on “La Conclusion de l’Expérience Colplan (pour Maintenant)

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