The Flow pt5

Today (Thursday the 19th of March at just gone 8am (sitting on the train to work)), within the last few minutes, I have seen two things which serve as forces for the mutual causes of order, organisation, systemisation and social control. Both of these things were in today’s Metro newspaper. Both were ads for products; the kinds of products which, upon the owning of, we would wonder how we ever lived without them.

The first was an ad for a car – a Hyundai. At the top of the page was a picture of a pair of dice and the words, “Goodbye uncertainty”… then “Hello”… then a picture of the car.

The second was an ad for the iPhone… little labels pointing out all the lovely things it can do (not all of them for free, incidentally)… and a header, “Solving life’s little problems one app at a time.”

Firstly the car… obviously we want our cars to be safe and “certain”… but I refer you to my previous piece for the reasons why we shouldn’t perhaps be so assured of our motor vehicles’ safety (and “certainty”). Then there’s the small matter of this sort of ad insidiously promoting the idea that uncertainty is necessarily a bad thing.

And onto the iPhone… what kind of world do we live in where (we may believe that) “life’s little problems” can be solved by a phone? Okay, a phone is not a phone these days, but still! Another example of the incessant promotion of the idea that we are not proper members of society unless we are connected… and that Apple or Microsoft or whoever can be so trusted with providing us with the means of “solving our problems” (or at least solving the problems that count).

Give in to the chaos! 🙂

Totally unrelated (or maybe not… I’ll have a think on this…) is the fact that, also on the train, within the space of a few minutes, I spotted a small story in the Metro which had something to do with Darwin and a museum, then noticed that the person sitting next to the person reading said Metro in which I spotted said story was reading a book with a Darwinian theme (it had “fittest” in the title and a picture of a monkey’s face on the cover)… coincidence? Event of Synchronous Significance? Any thoughts?


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