Doing Nice Things

The Apprentice, Dragons’ Den, all these property programmes, etc… it’s all about making money. Some of our most popular TV shows (speaking, at least, from a UK perspective) are about making money… and the people who are admired the most are those who make the most money. Could it perhaps be said that the so-called Credit Crunch is a kind of karmic wake-up call? That our society has become so obsessed with the swelling of bank accounts, such that it is even seen as virtuous to do so, that we need to be shaken into realising (or re-realising) that there is so much more to life? It also seems to me, these days, that for every other person you ask, who is undertaking some kind of post-school studies, they are working towards qualifications which have something to do with Accountancy or Business Studies. These are, of course, the kind of skills we need in order to “get on” in any kind of worthwhile “career,” but… what about philosophy, art, healing? What about the non-mechanical, the beautiful, the whimsical, the things that make us human, divine even, the things that stretch not just our intellect, but our creativity? What about the things which nourish our souls?

What about the pure, intrinsic pleasure of Doing Nice Things…?


2 comments on “Doing Nice Things

  1. flandrumhill says:

    For all the focus on acquiring wealth these days, we seem to be in more of a financial mess than ever before.

    Today’s mixup of values can be likened to an innovative form of theft whereby thieves go into a large, busy store and exchange price stickers on items. When the thieves arrive at the cash register, the too-busy, untrained clerk doesn’t notice the ridiculously low price on the higher priced item and so rings it through without batting an eye.

    This is what’s happened in our society. Most people are too busy and uneducated (regardless of their ‘higher education’) and don’t notice the wrong values placed on everything from manners to technical gadgets.

  2. pepsoid says:

    A “nice” and fitting metaphor! 😉

    This morning I found myself *apologising* to someone for (so I later realised) being polite – because my politeness distracted her from doing whatever she was doing…

    What is the value of politeness…??

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