£100 to Change a Light Bulb

There has been some stuff on the news lately about British MP’s claiming too much on their expenses – regarding which, I would like to make two points…

Point#1 : Wouldn’t you? I mean, it’s not “right” and all that kind of stuff, but if you were in their position and you knew you could get away with hiring the best nannies, having the best “company” car, hiring an electrician to change your light bulbs (okay, perhaps this one’s going to far (or is it?)) and so on and so forth, all “at the taxpayer’s expense”… wouldn’t you make the most of these “perks” and “fringe benefits”?… Perhaps some people wouldn’t… perhaps some people would be moral and upstanding and things… but of all the folks-in-the-street who are saying “It ain’t right!” and “They should set a better example!” and such, how many would act any differently given the chance?

Point#2 : Why are people so surprised?! Maybe I’m wrong, but hasn’t this type of thing always gone on? I mean, always – since time (as it were) immemorial – and what-have-you? Again, that doesn’t make it “right,” but… come on! Wake up and smell the tall-decaf-no-fat-extra-choc-double-espresso-with-cinnamon-sprinkles-and-a-pointless-wooden-stick! People in positions of power and responsibility have been abusing power and responsibility since there have been positions of power and responsibility!

So that’s my main two points. Supplementary to such, I would like to add the following…

Someone has to approve these expense claims and so on – I know this, because part of my job, although not approving expense claims, is checking that they have been approved (not for MP’s, I hasten to add!)… so my question is this…

Why are we not focusing more on the approvers, rather than the claimers?

MP’s are far from blameless, far from perfect, far from naïve victims, but aren’t we (by which I mean the popular media) once again holding them up as scapegoats for The System, which is the true, impenetrable source of immorality and corruption…?


3 comments on “£100 to Change a Light Bulb

  1. M says:

    Two comments:

    1 – Impressive how you managed an umlout over the ‘i’ in naive.

    2 – MPs (plural) doesn’t have an apostrophe.

    Otherwise , yes, I agree entirely. And this relates back to a previous comment, ie ‘people are idiots and they get on my nerves’.

    It’s all wrong and someone should do something!!!

  2. pepsoid says:

    Re “It’s all wrong and someone should do something!!!”… yes!!! – apart from the things that aren’t (wrong, that is), of course…

    Re “Impressive how you managed an umlout over the ‘i’ in naive”… as much as I would dearly love to take the credit for such attention to (*blech*) detail, I must direct such in the direction of a certain little bit of software called “Microsoft Word” (and it’s oh-so-clever (except when it’s annoying) Auto Correct function)… 😐

    Re “MPs (plural) doesn’t have an apostrophe”… ahh, whatever…!!!

  3. Dan Howell says:

    You’re absolutely right, Martin Walker of the fees office certainly needs holding to account while MPs all take the dive. D

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